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Interested in the 2018/2019 Post-Matric / Out- of-School CODING Programme?


Training Programme by: Innovolution Edu Programmes (Pty) Ltd

With the growing skills gap in the IT industry, South Africa has listed System Development, System Analysis and Design as one of the Scarce Skills that the country has identified thus far. Innovolution Edu Progrmmes  serves to bridge this gap. Studies have shown that when you out of the IT industry for 3 years you are irrelevant you have to relearn again, the industry has innovative and Vendor certifications have gained a lot of ground international. They display knowledge of the product and competences at a certain high degree.

Addressing the issue of poverty and the youth becoming Economical Active. We are going to introduce a program that will get our participants job ready for the Entry level jobs in the Software Development space. With participants getting Oracle Certifications by the end of the program, we give our disadvantaged youths to contribute and change their lives with meaningful jobs.


Training Programme by: Innovolution Edu Programmes (Pty) Ltd

Training Venue: SOWETO U.S Embassy  Innovation Studio

Programme Duration: 2018/2019 Post-Matric / Out- of-School Programme

About Techsavvy Kids

Teaching youth to code from an early age will help them develop other learning skills that they will need in their academic journey.
It is important that these skills are taught at a very young age so that they form part of their lives and they embrace a culture of problem solving and developing solutions to tackle day-to-day problems that they face within their community.

Coding is considered the literacy of the digital age. This is a whole new language for the youth to speak fluently and express themselves in the 21st century. It is estimated that 11 million youth will enter the African labour market every year over the next decade and the digital jobs could increase their income by 40% to 200%. It goes without saying that acting NOW is a MUST!!

We therefore view coding as a problem-solving tool for participating learners through a hands-on, playful learning environment.

Our programme combines youthful creativity and curiosity with school subjects such as Mathematics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation in a vibrant digital environment. This allows participating learners to become adept at computer programming in short periods of time

Our programme challenges the transformation of the current schooling system, w aim to demonstrate a significant impact in both the teaching and learning environment through collaboration, transformation, and development with other stake holders. We are confident in saying we have already achieved our mandate.

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