Course nameDurationCourse Objectives
Java216 hours• About the Course
• A Brief History
• Setting up Java

Java Software Development
• The Software Development Process
• What is my Program Doing?
• Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Java Data Types
• What is a Variable?
• Numeric Data
• Textual Data
• Converting Between Data Types
• Keyboard Input

Java Methods and Library Classes
• What is a Method?
• The import Declaration and Packages
• The String Class
• The Random Class
• The Math Class

Decision Statements
• Boolean Expressions and if/else Constructs
• Understanding Conditional Execution
• switch Statement

Loop Constructs
• for Loops
• while and do-while Loops
• Using break and continue Statements

Creating Classes
• Creating a Class?
• Instantiating Objects
• Constructors
• Overloading Methods
• Object Interaction and Encapsulation
• static Variables and Methods

Arrays and Exceptions
• One-dimensional Arrays
• ArrayLists •
Exception Handling
• Debugging Concepts and Techniques

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